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Tip Top Shape


Compared to casting and forging, forming metal offers the advantages of creating light weight and versatile shapes.

Styme combines a series of complimentary processes to form metal parts. Every customer’s needs are unique, so we use one or more of these processes to take a flat sheet of ductile metal and mechanically apply deformation forces that alter the shape of the material.

Before deciding on the processes, our experts work with you to determine how best a particular metal can be formed into the desired shape perfectly and reliably, without failure, while eliminating the high costs of waste.

  • Ermaksan 66 Ton Power Bend Falcon Press Brake with 83″ bed, capable of 9″ Deep Box with 4 axis back gauge.
  • Ermaksan 150 Ton Speed Bend Pro Press Brake with 102″ bed with 5 axis back gauge.
  • Wysong 14 ft. at 140 tons hydraulic brake with a state of the art Cybelec controller with auto-crowning for perfect forms on long lengths.
  • Accupress 2 axis CNC hydraulic brake. 48” at 25 tons. A highly accurate and widely used machine that can be setup to run difficult forming operations with ease.
  • Accupress 3 axis CNC hydraulic brake. 48” at 25 tons. A machine with same accuracy as the one above. Includes a third axis for multiple forms in one operation.
  • 2 DiAcro hydro-mechanical press brakes. A 72” wide at 25 tons and a 96” wide at 35 tons. Each equipped with a CNC back gauge. Used for long and short run production.
  • Chicago 96” at 55 tons mechanical brake. Another trusted workhorse able to perform multiple operations in one setup.
  • A large selection of knife, offset, and gooseneck dies can be cut to any length.