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Laser Capability

  • Amada FOM2-3015NT, 4000 watt, flying optic can cut up to .75” thick mild steel, .50”thick stainless steel, and .25” thick aluminum. Maximum sheet size 60” x 120”.
  • Amada Pulsar model 2415 a 2000 watt system that cuts up to .375” thick mild steel,.25” thick stainless, .125” thick aluminum, and .090” thick titanium. Maximum 60” sheetwidth and a repositioning system allows for virtually any length sheet.
  • In house nitrogen generator insures perfect laser cutting and reduced part cost.


  • Ermaksan 66 Ton Power Bend Falcon Press Brake with 83″ bed, capable of 9″ DeepBox with 4 axis back gauge.
  • Ermaksan 150 Ton Speed Bend Pro Press Brake with 102″ bed with 5 axis back gauge.
  • Wysong 14 ft. at 140 tons hydraulic brake with a state of the art Cybelec controller with auto-crowning for perfect forms on long lengths.
  • Accupress 3 axis CNC hydraulic brake. 48” at 25 tons. A machine with same accuracy as the one above. Includes a third axis for multiple forms in one operation.
  • 2 DiAcro hydro-mechanical press brakes. A 72” wide at 25 tons and a 96” wide at 35tons. Each equipped with a CNC back gauge. Used for long and short run production.
  • Chicago 96” at 55 tons mechanical brake. Another trusted workhorse able to perform multiple operations in one setup.
  • A large selection of knife, offset, and gooseneck dies can be cut to any length.
  • 10ga x 60″ pyramid roller.


  • Robotic Welding – 2017 ABB Flex Arc R with 72″ x 36″ Bed.
  • MIG and TIG welding at 6 weld stations, 3 Acorn weld tables, and other standard tables.
  • With the size of our tables and variety of clamps for both short and long run jobs.
  • 40 KVA spot welding capability, up to 10 gauge.


  • Marvel 81A vertical saw. It has CNC feed and tilt capabilities: 23’ feed table and 15’drop table. This saw can cut 45 degrees in either direction: 20”x18” max piece cut sizeat 90 degrees and 11”x18” max piece cut size at 45 degrees.

Tool building

  • Tool capabilities to build forming dies from laser cut shapes in house. No matter what the intricate forming operations may be for the component, we can provide quality with competitive pricing.


  • Wysong 1072, 10 GA x 6 ft. with sheet support system.
  • Niagra 41”x 16 GA shear.

Tube Bending

  • Rotary tube bender for round and square tubing

Tube/Angle Roll

  • NC angle roller; capable of rolling rounds, squares, rectangles, angle up to 1.5”, and schedule 40 material.
  • Large selection of tooling in house.


  • We offer a non-directional finishes, edge cleaning capabilities, de-burring, many finish types on weldment and assemblies.
  • We offer a straight-line finish for tube or sheet products and have 6” and 9” wide Timesavers. We offer a variety of different grit finishes that can apply a desired finish on aluminum, stainless, or mild steel parts.
  • Powder coating and a variety of plating options offered.

Engineering and CAD

  • A full-service engineering department to develop value added and reverse engineered solutions for fabrication.
  • Our AP100 CAD/CAM software allows us the ability to import your drawing files or create new precision files from your prints.
  • SolidWorks 2018 engineering software.
  • Value added engineering.

Assembly and Packaging

  • Dedicated areas for full or partial assembly needs and packaging.
  • Warehousing capabilities with JIT delivery options.

Material Handling

  • Truck access dock and overhead 6000 lb. roller crane for inside load and unloading from flatbed truck or trailer.
  • Two 2000 lb. roller cranes for station loading.
  • Delivery truck with 22’ box and 11,000 lb. capacity for local delivery and pickup.


  • Haegar hardware installer, including a large selection of PEM hardware.
  • 5’ power roller x 14 ga.
  • 9”x 9” x 7 ga. power notcher.
  • Drill, tap, and countersink capabilities for all types of metals.
  • Uni-Tools for tube and flat punching and notching in press brakes.
  • Strippit Super 30/30 single-station with 30 ton punching capacity. Many stock punches available for round, square, rectangle, “D” shape holes.
  • 5′ Pyramid Roller 11ga.

Manufacturing Management

  • JobBoss manufacturing software used for estimating, shop control, order entry/tracking, and cost evaluation.
  • Most common materials kept in stock.

Please contact us with any questions that you may have, our dedication to fabrication is only measured by your satisfaction.